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The return of television [Aug. 10th, 2006|07:38 am]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
This morning I experienced the first leg cramp of this pregnancy. I remember from my last pregnancy (5 years ago) that extending the leg and pointing toes towards the ceiling is supposed to releive it. Sheesh, I need to get that tecnique perfected.

Television has returned to my home and I'm not sure what I think. We had 15 months of absolutely no television in our house. We moved almsot 2 weeks ago and got the big screen out of storage. As soon as Erik plugged it in, we discovered that there is cable in the house. Not sure how long it will last, but the kids became addicted immediately. At first I allowed them to watch it for novelty's sake, then realized their distraction was really helpful in allowing me to unpack and get things done.

After just 1 day of televsion, I could see a difference in their behavior. We've had errands to run most evenings. My kids are normally very well behaved when we go out. They stand with me, they never yell or scream or run. The first day we went shopping after watching television they were like entirely different children. They were playing tag in the store, touching stuff, and it was really hard to get them under control.

The kids have not been home all week, and I have activities planned for the weekend, so I have time to decide what, exactly to do. I'm sure moderation is key, but just the idea of them sitting mindlessly when they could be DOING something really bothers me.

Erik and I have fallen into the trap too. I haven't turned it on during the day (not that a computer addiction is much better) but yesterday evening we ate our dinner on the couch, then turned it on again later. I wouldn't mind if we were watching something interesting, but it seems like we're jsut flipping channels to have something to do.
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My sister's high school teacher murdered his wife [Aug. 10th, 2006|07:29 am]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
The big news in my hometown right now is that Mr. Watson, a math teacher at my old high school murdered his wife!




It's odd the article does not mention he is a teacher or a judo instructor. The police have not actually caled him a suspect, but it's such a strange story.

He and his wife went to Vegas together. He came home without her, and after a few days her sons called the police. Mr. Watson told police that they seperated in Vagas because he likes poker and she likes slots. When she didn't meet at their car, he drove home without her. After searching his car, they found her blood. He says she injured herself in the car, but the investigator said the injury he described was no consistent with the amount of blood they found. Tbey still did not arrest him, so he skipped town.

There is also a teacher in my hometown who admitted to molesting 100-200 kids, but he never taught at any school I've attended.

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Do you have a hard time throwing away old stuff? [Aug. 9th, 2006|08:37 am]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
I'm going through old boxes taken from storage during our move.

I have 7 shoe boxes of letters from jr. high and high school.

Old Nirvana posters and stickers

A Teen Bop magazine featuring MaCauly Caulkin, Paula Abdul, Christian Slater, and the cast of 90210

Journals dating back to 1989

All the teeth I ever lost as a child

Wool off a sheep at the county fair

Baby-sitter's Club calendars from the late 1980s and early 1990s

Locks of hair from every major hair cut.

An autographed picture of the cast of WINGS.

Newspaper cut-out picture of Robert Smith

And I'm not even done going through it.
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Top Pregnancy/Baby Trends I Don't Understand [Aug. 9th, 2006|06:33 am]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
Top 5 Pregnancy/Baby Trends I Don't Understand

I know I'm the minority here, but these are the things I just don't get, even when people I love and respect do them. These are industries from which people make money!
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6am update [Aug. 9th, 2006|06:05 am]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
We moved about a week and a half ago. I was really worried that I would be extremely unhappy to leave the beach. Turns out I don't miss it at all. Of course, I've been too busy to actually go to the beach, and the next time I do, the prospect of driving 5 miles will be annoying, but for now, I'm thrilled that my living space has literally doubled. I also like being able to drive places quickly. Sometimes it would take 15 minutes or more just to get off the island. Now i can just jump in the car and go.

Yesterday was Gavin's 5th birthday. I'm amazed he's so old! he still seems like a baby to me. We had a party for him on saturday at the new house. It was last-minute and thrown together, but people still came and he had a great time.

Erik's parents and Jesse's parents both came. Erik's parents are really good about giving the kids generous gifts, but I'm still really worried about grandparent issues after the baby is born. I'm happy Erik's parents are excited (noone has ever been excited about my pregnancies before) but every time I hear them say something about their first grandchild I feel a little sad for Bella and Gavin. Thankfully Bella and Gavin have good grandparents who adore them, but the though of our family being divided makes me nervous.

I had my 24 week pregnancy appointment on Monday. I'm starting to feel better about a hospital birth, even though it's not what I want. I expect a very short labor and as long as I have a healthy baby and can go home afterwards, I will surive. I had Gavin in the hospital and went home the same day.

I've been having sleeping problems and I have no idea why. Aside from heart burn when i go to bed, I'm not having very much physical discomfort. I was in a routine for a while (even before I got sick) of going to bed around 8pm, right after the kids went to bed and getting up at 6. Now I've been staying up until 11 or later and waking up around 4 or 5.

The u/s results were normal, I'm measuring fine and due the end of November. The u/s tech report said Nov 27 but my doctor says there's no reason to change it from Nov 29. Normally 2 days makes no difference, but I'm sure at the end of pregnancy it will feel like an eternity. And of course, I'm very worried about making the kindergarten cut-off.

I've ganed 10 lbs and I still have 16 weeks to go! I'm pretty close to the weight I was when I delivered Bella.
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Being honest with kids [Jul. 26th, 2006|09:56 pm]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
I mentioned briefly in another post that Bella has a friend who is being lied to by her parents. They are splitting up but have not told her (she thinks she her mom are just 'hanging out' at a friend's house) and her grandfather died. The mom had to leave the state for the week to attend the funeral, but the little girl does not know. She thinks her mom is away for work.

I strongly believe they really think they are doing the best thing. They want to spare her little feelings.

The dad came to pick the girl up today (she's been staying with us since Monday) and he asked me if I've told my kids we're moving.

I couldn't beleive it! Not only did we sign the lease 2 months ago, we're moving on saturday and everything in the house (including most of the kids' toys) have been packed. Our house is full of boxes! I really think I'd have to be pretty crazy to try to hide that.

We've been talking to the kids, particularly Bella, about the move for months because she will be attending a different school next year and will be leaving all her friends. Also, I think leaving the beach will be a huge adjustment, so we've been talking and planning and talking. I let the kids choose decor for their new bathroom so they will feel more in control during the transition.

I think it's extremely important to be honest and up-front with kids. But of course, there are some things kids shouldn't be exposed to.

Where do you find the balance when talking honestly with your kids? Do you try to avoid certain subjects?

There was a girl-mom member a while back who I thought was a bit too candid (well, forcibly open) with her kids. She has the "period talk" with her 2 year old and told her 4 year old when his father lost his job. To me, that's extreme and will only result in a child becoming more anxious and fearful.

I think the only huge event I've ever NOT discussed with my kids is the 6-day period when I was in jail. I don't think they know and I really think it's too heavy for them, especially because it involves violence and tension between me and thier bio-dad.

I regret telling them I was pregnant early-on last time because the pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I had to explain THAT to them.
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Cloth Diaper and covers on EBAY [Jul. 26th, 2006|10:57 am]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
I have 4 EBAY auctions right now. All items are new and from my store.

6 DSQ premium chinese prefolds 100% cotton NEW

6 DSQ regular chinese prefolds 100% cotton NEW

6 DSQ infant chinese prefolds 100% cotton NEW

6 NEW Diaperaps diaper covers, size large. These are the baby-proof kind that prevent older babies and toddlers from taking off their diapers.
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Smell cravings/update [Jul. 25th, 2006|07:40 pm]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
22 weeks down . . 18 to go.

So I don't crave food anymore. I crave smells. Chemical and cleaner smells to be specific.
I normally clean with METHOD only, but in the last few weeks, I've purchased bleach (and used it liberally), those things you put in your toilet bowl that makes the water blue, and Draino. Yum, draino. I can't get enough of the stuff. I go to the store and just sniff cleaners.

I used to think men who worked lots of overtime hated their wives and just want to be out of the house. I know I jet out of the office right at 5 (or 4:30, really as early as I can sneak out). But now that I know how much money overtime can bring in, I am trying to look at the bright side. it's 7:45 and Erik is still at work.

Does anyone else have a hard time enforcing bedtime in the summer? Bedtime is in 15 minutes and I just can't make them got to bed because it's light outside. I'm the bedtime WITCH and it seems like they've been up until 9 or later the last few weeks. And of course I'm horibly judgement against people whose kids are up at all hours.

Bella is going to Disneyland with her summer camp tomorrow, then friday is the last day of camp.


Bella's friend is staying with us this week and it seems like all the do is fight. And there is not much to do around here because we are packing.

We went to the beach (the harbor, not huge beahc area with waves) for a few hours this afternoon. I put my feet in the water, and I felt weird stinging pains. I pulled my feet out and there were these tiny clear bug things all over my feet! And the drew blood in a few different places. Totally gross.

I try to be honest with my kids (age-apropriate explainations of course) with just about everything, so sometimes I have a hard time when people deliberately lie or keep information from their kids that will eventually get out. Bella's friend is staying with us because her grandfather died and her mom has to go to the funeral in Ohio. They don't want the kid to know, so she told her she's gone for work. AND the parents are splitting up. The kid and her mom have been living with a friend for weeks but they have not come clean. She thinks they're just hanging out over there. Of course, it's their kid and thier choice but I feel like I'm in an awkward situation because she is staying here.
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Is it unusally hot hot outside? [Jul. 23rd, 2006|10:34 am]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
The weather at my house is reasonable, but it's insane at my parent's house. They live about 45 miles away from us. We drove out there yesterday at it was 115 degrees outside. Seriously. I grew up there my whole life and about 105-107 is about as high as I can ever remember the outdoor temperature.

I've never felt anything quite like it.

When we drove home after 11pm, it was about 98 degrees.

I know it's hot everywhere right now, but I'm curious to know if everyone is experiencing heat that's out of the ordinary for their area.
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http://www.blogsvertise.com [Jul. 22nd, 2006|09:12 am]
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker
So now that I'm an unemployed loser disguised as a SAHM, I figured I should try to make extra cash.

So I signed up for http://www.blogsvertise.com

I haven't done anything yet, but it seems pretty cool.

All you have to do is create a blog, or use an existing one. The rules say even myspace blogs are OK. Then you sign up and register your blog at http://www.blogsvertise.com.

After your blog is approved (no adult/sexual blogs!) you'll be asked to write up a sample post about blogsvertise. After your sample is approved, you will start getting paid writing tasks. Promoting the site is not necessary, you just need to mention it in about 50-60 words and link 3 times.

Payments for each assignment are sent directly to your paypal account about 30 days after the assignment is complete.
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